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Full of energy!

by Clair

11 21, 2014 | Posted in A translator's life, Blog | 0 comments

It’s been a hectic week with a number of projects on the go as well as the launch of the new Lexeme Traductions website, but here we are – it’s Friday and it’s time to take a look back over the past few days in what, I hope, will become a weekly update!

bullet1Projects of the Week

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on several different projects with a common theme – energy and the changes to come in the energy sector: grid management, integrating renewable energies into grids, balancing energy supply and demand, research and how to prepare for future trends. All of these projects dealt with the issues from a French and/or European point of view, but I’ve also been translating a report on the implementation of a major energy/interconnection project in four African countries. In fact, energy is a vast and complex subject area, but it’s pretty fascinating and, above all, vital for everyone’s future.

bullet1Word of the Week

Not actually a word this week, but three little letters … CCS : Carbon Capture and Storage (or sequestration)
In French: CSC or captage et stockage du CO2.

First of all, from a linguistic point of view, note that the English term talks about carbon, while the French refer to CO² (something to remember when translating!
So, what is CCS? It is a technique designed to limit the impact of carbon dioxide on climate change and acidification of the environment. In short, CO2 is captured at the site of product (for example, in boiler exhaust gases or on the outlet side of gas turbines), then compressed and securely buried underground. Capturing CO2 this way is technically feasible today (even on vehicle exhaust pipes) but it is extremely costly and energy-intensive so reserved for large-scale, immobile sources of CO2. Moreover, experts and ecologists remain divided on the concept.

bullet1Picture of the Week

A dazzling moment captured on the road one morning this week (near Bretoncelles if you know the area!)… because I love that morning light that fills you with energy before a day’s work.
So, after all that energy captured then spent, it’s time to take a bit of time off, so have a great weekend and see you next Friday for the next update!

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